Linda began her adventure as a Tupperware Distributor.
Always self-conscious about her look, she decided that if she felt that way, thenmany other women must have felt the same, and she started a home-based business selling Red Coral. She also represented Red Coral on The Shopping Channel. Chances are you have seen her either in your home selling Tupperware or on TV selling Red Coral.
After a couple of years of providing women with a great look, she opened Linda's Fashions & Accessories!
Her desire is to have women "Love Their Looks". Now in her 21 & 1/2 years of business, she has established a successful business of fashion that continues to grow.

Prior to COVID, Linda took the time to have charity fashion shows, making donations on behalf of customers who are involved with different charities.


The thing closest to Linda's heart is that you, her customers, leave her store feeling wonderful. She ensures that her staff are well-trained and have a great sense of style so that you will have a great experience every time you visit.