Linda & Staff


Linda started her career as a Tupperware Distributor. Afterwards, she started a home business

selling Red Coral, also representing the company on

the Shopping Channel. After a couple of years, she

opened Linda's Fashions & Accessories. Her desire is

to have women "Love their looks". 

Linda is in her 18th year of business.


Marlene retired from nursing after 37 years in the profession. She worked for a podiatrist in Windsor for 6 years. Subsequently, she was offered a position at Linda's Fashions & Accessories where she has been working for 9 years. 

She's always had an interest in fashion, so Marlene

feels like she's in her element. 

Claire was born in Sudbury, raised in Timmins, and moved to Windsor in 1978. She has 5 children and 14 grandchildren!

She worked for Canada Customs and retired in 2009. She was local president and national vice-president of the union at CSBA. Working with Linda is "a dream come true. PRICELESS!! Love it, love it!"   


Linda retired from teaching after 32 years with the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board. After a four-year hiatus, she returned to teaching at St. Clair College for 4 1/2 years. In 2018, she started her volunteer position at the Hospice of Windsor where she currently works and volunteers. Linda also  designs Linda's Website and Facebook pages. 

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